A Whole Different Perspective of Art Form

Art Form “Outside the Box”

How does one go about assigning a title to a form of art that breaks all conformity? Roadside Art fails to fit into art society’s specific genres as it stands alone. Tenaciously bold, Roadside Art claims a select group of admirers as it delivers a whimsical twist to the mundane.

What is Roadside Art?

While traveling the byways, one can recall the anticipation that builds after seeing the signs letting you know there is a roadside attraction coming up. What we don’t consider is that many of those attractions were, in fact, representational or abstract art forms.


Many roadside attractions are large-scale representations of familiar things such as a giant rocking chair. Other venues may be a restaurant with a massively sized donut hovering above.


Some Famous Roadside Art Forms

Texas Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

You can find this iconic attraction along Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas. Art hippies built this work of art to baffle the locals. Ten Cadillacs were placed nose down in the dirt (all at the same angle.) Viewing this conjures the mind to ponder the form.

The Shoe Tree – Middlegate, NV

What better art form than that of a tree adorned with shoes hanging from the branches. Here you can find a barrage of colors strewn through the sturdy branches of the very foundation that holds this piece together. Interaction is exchanged between the art form and the visitors as the tree invites them to contribute their shoes to the overall structure.

The Gum Wall – Seattle, Washington

Covered in chewed gum, this wall speaks to its passersby inviting them to not only gaze but to add another piece of gum. The effect is quite colorful and abstract. Its quirky appeal draws many to visit from far off and has even been a destination.

The World’s Only Corn Palace – Mitchell South Dakota

This is a phenomenal place to see thoughtful intent utilized in the placement of corn kernels, corn cobs, and corn husks to form the adornment of the exterior walls of this building. It offers the visitor the perspective of intentional abstractionism while some images within the corn materials are representational.


Carhenge – Alliance Nebraska

This fantastic place includes 39 cars proportionally placed the same way within a circle. Some of the vehicles are set upright with either the trunk or hood pushed down into the ground. A matte gray color covers each car causing the entire form to be one piece. Abstractionism was definitely at play within this art form!

The Beauty of Art

Regardless of the venue we choose to view art through, sometimes the most vibrant art can been seen just in front of you. As we consciously makes ourselves aware of the beauty around us, we will be able to perceive a difference in the mundane and find the elements that forms art!