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Gianmarco Passerini

Astrattualism – Vision of the dream By Gianmarco Passerini:
“I analyze” the ethics of dreams “observing all the absurd and logically illogical rules, trying to reproduce them on canvas and doing this, almost to explain them, so I do not try to represent the image I see in the dream, but to represent the concept that it contains, that abstract logic, which in real life would be meaningless, quell’evasione from our reality that allows us to go into another parallel reality with rules, emotions and different colors.
a example can be done by looking at my painting “The speech of a dreamer”.
This picture, fundamentally, represents a discourse that makes no sense: ” the reason for a nonexistent fact lies in the explanation of the fact and of the number five in the case ”. But although this discourse does not actually make sense in reality, in a dream it makes perfect sense, and indeed, it becomes the backbone of the dream itself.
Trying to make this concept understood, I want to make the example of a dream:
imagine dreaming of a world where sheep can fly and although we do not know the reason, we must shoot these sheep, to save the world.
Although actually this dream makes no sense, at that moment, while we are dreaming of it, shooting the sheep to save the world is the most logical and the only thing that needs to be done. ”

Gianmarco Passerini, born in Pietrasanta on May 29, 1989, although he is still young, from an early age he immediately showed an inclination for painting, an interest that until now has brought with him great passion.
After graduating from the scientific high school of technology, he enrolled in the agrarian faculty, but after two years, despite the positive results, he realized that the dissatisfaction obtained from these studies is only destined to increase;although he is forced to start from scratch, he decides to change his faculty, enrolled in letters, where he still studies by following the degree course “Disciplines of entertainment and communication”.
At the same time as university studies he cultivated his passions following theater courses (reciting some shows of his theater company), cinema (making appearances in some advertisements), studying as a sommelier (he obtains the qualification in 2010) but always leaving time for his greatest passion, painting.
Although he started devoting himself to the realization of portraits, landscapes and still lifes, shocked by the death of his grandfather, painting becomes the outlet with which he expresses what he feels, so he begins to experiment with the technique of action painting (Drip painting), studying it self-taught and perfecting his technique every day.
He loves experimenting with new techniques, he almost always uses acrylic colors, even if he occasionally experiments with painting with interior paints, glazes, the use of plastic sheeting, ink and acrylic glues to play with the effect that they give by wiping and in order to exploit the nuances of color, shapes and shadows that derive from it, and it is precisely for this reason that most of his paintings are made using mixed techniques.


Gianmario Tadini

“A figurative artist but not flattened in the wake of tradition, Tadini paints the often snow-covered landscapes of the Monferrato … … His painting is strongly material, for which the artist makes extensive use of the spatula with a personal technique and immediate impact.” Aldo Gamba from “La Nuova Provincia” of 06.02.2002

“The conversation with nature, the landscape, accompany events and occasions of human life … ..If you loose those inextricable bonds of industrious coercion, the existential seasons seem to dilate, dematerialize, while unexpected dimensions are revealed to the mind and perception . Thus, in the distracted observation of the real, contemplation is superimposed … .and there, where the hill stood clear and tortile at the radiant incidence of the sun, now it is dissolved in the slope to the vaporization of the last twilight. ” Marida Faussone da” La Gazzetta di Asti “of 08.02.2002 ” Tadini Gianmario’s paintings evocative of multiple and parallel realities, are striking for the shape of their structure, with oils laid out with a spatula and with impressionistic brushstrokes.

The never too clear lines give the forms a value of undefined, or rather not definitive, transmitting to the user a pleasant sensation of softness and fading. ” From” L’Osservatore “11.11.2002 ” They are the tall poplars, the image of the infinite resignation of a serene path: that of the souls of a forest, coinciding with an inner forest, where the chorality is musical, arrhythmically absolute ” Nadia Tedeschi (2002) Paint: the trees and landscapes of Gianmario Tadini from Monday at the Palazzo della Provincia

… .Tadini, a figurative artist, but also an impressionist and symbolic artist, exhibits twenty-one oil paintings on wood and canvas made between 2006 and 2008, trees of our landscape, steeped in light, with striking straight lines, a very striking painting …… Marta Martiner Head from “La Nuova Provincia” of 29.08.2008 “ALBERI” presented by the painter Gianmario Tadini … The vernissage of the painter Gianmario Tadini exhibition entitled “Alberi” was held in the garden of the Tadini house to be held in the Palazzo della Provincia di Asti from 1 to 21 September under the patronage of the Province and the Municipality of Asti …. from “L’Ancora” of 31.08.2008 Palazzo della Provincia – The trees of Gianmario Tadini

It was inaugurated yesterday at the Palazzo della Provincia, “Alberi”, an exhibition by Gianmario Tadini. On display, oil paintings dedicated to trees in the landscapes of Monferrato …. from “La Stampa” of 02.11.2008 Interview with Gianmario Tadini “Those astigiani trees that have conquered me” 

… The exhibition “ALBERI” by Gianmario Tadini at the Palazzo della Provincia, twenty-one oil paintings on canvas and wood made in the last two years depicting poplars, birches and willows, in their winter and spring appearance, is open until September 21st. The staff of Milan, mombercellese for fifteen years who prefers landscapes and trees for his paintings, can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12.30 and from 15 to 18.30; on the occasion of the Palio, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 September, open all day …………………………… .. Marta Martiner Head from “La Nuova Provincia” of 02.09.2008 Art: At the Palazzo della Provincia the exhibition personal exhibition of Gianmario Tadini, Milanese, advertising, for years he lives in Mombercelli where he finds inspiration

…… .. now does the painter exclusively, and works in a kind of hermitage in Mombercelli. In order not to offer the public a collection of works with different subjects (“It’s something that ultimately creates confusion,” he says), he paints the subject. In this exhibition he “talks” about the trees, specifying the reason for the choice: ” oldest friends of man? “………. To fix the image of the trees that he portrays on the canvas, Tadini uses oil paints, brushes and spatula. The colors are soft, give the idea of peace and suggest to the soul a state of serenity. Birches, willows, poplars: discreet trees that rise towards the sky next to each other as in parade. Here, these are the creatures with which the painter talks during his solitary walks in the Monferrato countryside …… .. Armando Brignolo

from “La Stampa” of 03.09.2008 Paint: Open the exhibition of Tadini in the Province … in the atrium of the council hall of the Province … ..the exhibition of the painter Gianmario Tadini entitled “ALBERI, the oldest friends of man” … …… .the artist paints the birches inserted in a spring context, and the poplars often seen among the autumn mists. The painter looks for the perspectives, the great depths, and enlivens the close-ups with strokes of the spatula that give texture to the painting …… .. Aldo Gamba from “La Nuova Provincia” of 05.09.2008 Palazzo della Provincia di Asti: THE GIFT OF TADINI TO THE MOST ANCIENT FRIENDS OF MAN On show until September 21st the pictorial cycle that the Milanese artist wanted to dedicate to the trees