Breaking the Boundaries of Modern Art Form

The Genesis of New Art Movements

As new art movements, styles and forms infiltrate our culture, society adapts in ways that some do not subscribe to. There are those that have varying opinions on modern art and who perhaps lack the appreciation for it as a whole.


Traditional art presents realization and is representative of what is in our world. However, modern art is non-representational and must be seen with the mind. There are few that can make sense of the abstract depictions of the form and style of contemporary art.


As artists give birth to the bizarre and unique forms of artistic expression, we give way to holding on to what once felt comfortably normal. As art evolves, we shall see an explosion of styles and forms of both future and past.




This unusual art style can best be summed up as intentionally distorting the art form causing an optical illusion. The viewer is required to view the image at a certain point to see the full effect in a precise manner.

One particular style of Anamorphosis is that of the Street Artists where bizarre and beautiful entwine to wow the viewer. These artists create images that are not only visually appealing but offers the viewer to interact with the images. The entertainment element is quite satisfying for both the artist and the viewer!

Dirty Car Art

Simply said, a dirty car is a foundation which the artist creates his masterpiece! Images are created by manipulating the dirt on a vehicle to form a cohesive piece of art. Sadly, this perishable art form requires a very temporary appreciation.

Light Painting

In this art style, the artist uses a camera as his paintbrush, and his paint is replaced with moving lights. This technique is done in a dark location.The artist leaves the camera shutter open to take advantage of the prolonged exposure. The images of flashes and light streaks are captured leaving trails of light to form images.



“Reality is represented both traditionally and abstractly in art leaving the mind to interpret its true beauty!”

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